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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
ESL Teacher - Columbus07/13/2017CertifiedColumbus Humanities, Arts and Technology AcademyApply
Middle School Social Studies Teacher07/13/2017CertifiedRiverside AcademyApply
School Office Manager - Columbus07/12/2017Campus AdministrativeBerwyn East AcademyApply
Part-Time School Office Clerk - Akron07/12/2017Campus AdministrativeACCEL Schools - AkronApply
Dean of Student Life & Management07/11/2017Campus AdministrativeNortheast Ohio College Preparatory SchoolApply
Math Specialist (Title I)07/11/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ClevelandApply
Middle School Math Teacher07/11/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ColumbusApply
Middle School Math Teacher07/11/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ClevelandApply
Virtual Foreign Language Teacher - French, Spanish07/10/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ClevelandApply
Instructional Coach07/10/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ClevelandApply
Upper Elementary Classroom Teacher07/07/2017CertifiedYoungstown Academy of ExcellenceApply
Primary Teacher K-307/07/2017CertifiedYoungstown Academy of ExcellenceApply
School Business Manager - Toledo07/03/2017Campus AdministrativeAurora AcademyApply
Foreign Language Teacher06/30/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ClevelandApply
Physical Education Teacher - Warren06/30/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - WarrenApply
Physical Education Teacher - Warren06/30/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - WarrenApply
Physical Education Teacher - Warren06/30/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - WarrenApply
Physical Education Teacher - Warren06/30/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - WarrenApply
Founding Teachers - Grades K-306/28/2017CertifiedCleveland Preparatory AcademyApply
School Office Clerk06/27/2017Campus AdministrativeHope Academy NorthwestApply
Charter School Principal - Toledo06/27/2017Campus AdministrativeACCEL Schools ToledoApply
Primary Teacher K-3 - Cincinnati06/27/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - CincinnatiApply
School Office Manager06/26/2017Campus AdministrativeCleveland Preparatory AcademyApply
Physical Education Teacher - Toledo06/26/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools ToledoApply
Primary Teacher K-3 - Toledo06/26/2017CertifiedAurora AcademyApply
Upper Elementary Teachers - 4th and 5th Grades - Toledo06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools ToledoApply
Intervention Specialist06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - WarrenApply
Intervention Specialist06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - SanduskyApply
Intervention Specialist - Lorain06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - LorainApply
Intervention Specialist06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - DaytonApply
Intervention Specialist06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ColumbusApply
Intervention Specialist - Cleveland06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ClevelandApply
Intervention Specialist06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - CantonApply
Intervention Specialist06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - AkronApply
Math Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - WarrenApply
Math Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - SanduskyApply
Math Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - MansfieldApply
Math Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - LorainApply
Math Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - DaytonApply
Math Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ColumbusApply
Math Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - CincinnatiApply
Math Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - AkronApply
Reading Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - WarrenApply
Reading Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - SanduskyApply
Reading Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - MansfieldApply
Reading Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - LorainApply
Reading Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - DaytonApply
Reading Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ColumbusApply
Reading Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - ClevelandApply
Reading Specialist (Title I)06/18/2017CertifiedACCEL Schools - CincinnatiApply